Time to change the channel?

It is often said, perhaps less understood that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is insane. When it comes to media choices, we may be suffering that fate out of our habitual return to the same outlets with hopes of getting something fresh. No better example of that redundancy in broadcast radio.

Like so many contemporary arenas of our everyday lives, the drive of big money to direct and even limit our choices based on record company demands is clear. It is those companies that are directing the traffic, not the listeners. Long ago, on-air personalities, then known as Disc Jockeys were available and accountable to their audiences. Requests were welcome, and DJs were in touch with the local scene. No more.

When Moose Magnificat was created, it was with a desire to regain that sensitivity and responsiveness. Our listeners tell us what they like, and are invited to place their requests at any time. Today, we are fortunate to present thousands of songs, from hundreds of artists across a rich diversity of musical genres. For those who are looking for a fresh approach, perhaps it’s time to change the channel.